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The Man of Destiny

Thursday, June 6 - 6:15 pm @MoLI

One of Shaw’s comedies, The Man of Destiny follows Napoleon Bonaparte in a battle of wits with a spy, an idiot lieutenant, a cowardly innkeeper, and his own ego.

Starring Pádraig Lohan as Napoleon, Tara Monaghan as The Strange Lady, James Corr as The Lieutenant, and Ronan Deegan as Giuseppe. The Man of Destiny is directed by Luke Frawley, stage managed by Erin Fitzgerald, and dramaturged by Dr David Clare.

The Man of Destiny

Presented by Goose Chase Theatre and Weird Gravy Theatre.
Witness the timeless brilliance of Bernard Shaw's masterpiece, The Man of Destiny, brought to life on stage in an enthralling theatrical production featuring a wonderfully talented cast. The Man of Destiny follows the charismatic and enigmatic figure of Napoleon Bonaparte. Through Shaw's signature blend of razor-sharp wit and incisive social commentary, the play delves into the complex psyche of this extraordinary historical figure. Follow Napoleon's journey as he grapples with love, power, and his own legacy, offering a profound exploration of human ambition and the fickle nature of fate.

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