Bernard Shaw's Ireland: An International Perspective

Dublin and Beyond

Why not extend your trip and explore all that Dublin and Ireland have to offer! Feel free to peruse the suggestions below and/or visit

For those interested in coordinating excursions with fellow delegates, please email SHAWCONFERENCE2012@GMAIL.COM to be added to the list. An email will circulate in early April 2024.

KIlmainham Gaol Museum

A visit to Kilmainham Gaol will take you on a journey through Irish history. You will discover the stories of people held here as ordinary criminals alongside those who fought for Irish independence. From the 1798 rebellion, to the 1916 Easter Rising, the Anglo-Irish War (1919-21), to the devastation of the Irish Civil War (1922-23) all these important events have a chapter in the story of Kilmainham Gaol.

National Gallery of ireland

Since his childhood in Dublin, George Bernard Shaw spent many hours wandering the rooms of the National Gallery of Ireland, calling it a place to which he owed “much of the only real education I ever got as a boy in Eire.” Just before his 94th birthday, he completed his last will, leaving one third of his posthumous royalties to the Gallery.

GUinness Storehouse Tour

Curious for adventure? Step inside the unforgettable home of Guinness. This brewery  experience explores the tale of Ireland's most iconic beer, with tastings and a trip to the Gravity Bar that offers breathtaking 360-views of the city.

Paddy Wagon tours

Service provides day-tours from Dublin to notable tourist destinations including the Cliffs of Moher, Giant's Causeway, Belfast City, Blarney Castle, and Glendalough

St. Patrick's Cathedral

Since Saint Patrick baptised Christian converts nearby over 1500 years ago, this holy site has been a place of spiritual encounter for countless generations. Visit us and experience our history, our place in the life of the city, and our tradition of worship.

Malahide Castle

A 25 minute train ride from Dublin City Centre will take you to the magnificent medieval castle with a dramatic 800 year heritage. Generations of the Talbot family have called Malahide Castle home. Hear their stories, explore the private rooms and collections, and discover the central part this castle played in Irish political and social life on a guided tour. Don't miss the magical gardens and butterfly house as you tour the grounds.